Heavy Duty Lithium Battery


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The Heavy-Duty Lithium Battery refines the kayak battery beyond the heavy and cumbersome marine batteries of the past. Lightweight and water-resistant, the Heavy-Duty Lithium Battery for Fish Finders not only excels in form but in function, with multiple output options, superior efficiency, power and amp-hours. The compact design conveniently stows in most kayak hatches and accessory pods.

The single 12-volt port operates Fish Finders or other devices that require a continuous supply of power while the two 5-volt USB ports allow you to charge smaller devices such as phones, tablets and cameras.


  • 15 Ah (15000mAh), 55.5 WH
  • Peak Instant Current: 12v – 1.8A~2A max (1~3 seconds), 5V – 2A Max
  • Continuous Output: 12V, 1.3A
  • Three output options: (1) DC 12V, 12.6A Max and (2) USB 5V
  • Water-Resistant
  • Works with fish finders, solar panels and other electronic devices that have power requirements within the specified parameters of the battery
  • Compatible Wilderness Systems accessories: Lithium Battery CradleFish Finder Install KitFlex-Arm LED Light and Solar Panels



  • 6 high capacity cells offer 15 Amp hours
  • Hard protective casing
  • Lightweight (14oz)
  • Compact (4.5” x 2.75” x 1.75”)
  • Input: 5V 2A max (USB Standard)
  • Power indicator: 5 LEDs indicate charge capacity for 0-100%Protection circuitry: over current, short circuit, over charge, over discharge



  • 12-volt bare wire output cable with crimps and heat shrink tubing
  • USB charging cable
  • Operating Instructions


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