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Designed for the Kayak Angler who wants the best of the best.  The Trophy Angler is made using the highest grade materials in our industry.  Each blade has a CNC machined foam core along with an ABS reinforced edge. The Trophy Angler offers balance, power, and control in the water.  With its eye-popping graphics and exceptional efficiency in the water, the Trophy Angler will make every fishing outing a pleasurable one.

  • Full-size blades provide maximum power
  • LeverLock Technology – 20cm of length and infinite angle adjustment make it perfect for High-Low seat system kayaks
  • Dihedral blade design promotes even water displacement
  • Carbon shaft with an in-laid tape measure is a witness to your next big catch
  • Foam Core Technology
  • Neon Green ABS outer edge reinforcement
  • The lightweight construction of these performance paddles requires the same care and respect you give your high-end equipment.




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